Over 35 years experience in bushcraft, survival, preparedness and many knives deployed all over the world


Lethimos: knives, Survival and more

Lethimos is a PERSON, not a brand, that lived his life following his own rules, no matter what the world was saying.

Lived the great outdoors on a daily basis, traveling the world, risking his life, researching his limits and always trying to look at the world with an open mind.

Lorenzo "Lethimos" Masolini is a long-term knife collector, knife history scholar and an intensive user of any blade through the study of bushcraft, survival and martial arts, where he achieved the IV Dan in Budo Taijutsu.

He also was in the military within the Italian army as a specialized paratrooper in the role of assaulter and machine gun specialist, later he was in the reserve and passed many international armies' individual weapon tests included the US Army and Dutch Army.

Living in the middle of the woods since a kid, having his home city just a few minutes drive from Italy's oldest knife town, Scarperia, and in the center of a region with a centuries old blades smithing history, he had the chance to learn the basics of knife making, metallurgy and steel heat treating from some of the most skilled Custom knife makers.

He started developing and building, either stainless and carbon steel, custom knives and sheaths for some of his former Special Forces and police comrades and earned the honor to teaching to some of them the knife combat basics, his knives climbed the ranks getting in the hands of Generals and Lethimos passed to small production for specialized units either for survival, combat and back up knives.

Lethimos knives have been deployed on different war zones on the side of soldiers or special operations regiments being always up to the expectations thanks to the material and quality they have been build, always with an eye to the high quality and one to the budget of the client making always to make the best possible products for any soldier.

Today Lethimos decided to stop making custom products and looks initially toward small series industrial productions aiming to enter the market with top quality professional tools, For this reason he created Lethimos Knives Department, a company devoted to developing and building tailored knives and tools for army, firefighters and EMS.

To start serving also the civilian community only a few months ago was created AGOGE Blades.

AGOGE was the place where Spartans were rising the kids to become one of the most effective warriors world have ever seen.

At the moment Agoge Blades works on researching good quality industrial production knives from partner suppliers customizing them on his needs, testing them inside the company and then releasing them with our own brand on the market.

This working methodology makes us able to bring on the market good quality knives at a very reasonable price, knowing the manufacturers and being ourselves skilled in manufacturing processes we are proud to give a lifetime warranty on any of our products with American assistance and customer service.

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Lethimos World

9814 Portside Terrace

Bradenton FL 34212

Email: Lethimosknives@aol.com  -  Phone: 941 565 7382

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